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How  it all started

We wanted to tell you a little about the owner today and how Truth got started She is 31, 2 Fur babies, 1 parrot, 1 budgie, 6 Siblings, 12 Tattoos, Loves Jazz Music, Live theater, Enjoys Music. She was Diagnosed with PTSD, Severe Anxiety and Severe Panic Disorder however She does not let these disorders define her. When She was younger She was scared to tell others about her disorders. Today she is comfortable in her own skin. Amanda is comfortable saying when She needs to take a break or be alone for a little bit. Speaks regularly about this so that others are not afraid to hide their feelings.


At the age of 19 Amanda tried to commit suicide for that very reason because she didn't want to tell others what she was feeling. She was being bullied very badly and wanted to end her life. But now with an understanding strong support team, she now has very few panic attacks.


Educational Background: Aesthetics Degree, Aromatherapy Massage Certificate, Skin Care Specialist Certificate, Make up Artist Diploma, Nail Technician Diploma, Aromatherapy Diploma, Essential Oils for Beginners Certificate, Advanced Essential Oils Certificate, Dermalogica Skin Care Institute Certificate


About Truth Niagara

Amanda started out making soap in her kitchen as a way to ease her anxiety. Gave some to friends, friends told their friends and soon She was selling soap from her home. Started adding other products to her collection. One day Amanda was driving past an empty store in Niagara Falls Ontario; She saw it and knew that was going to be her store. Amanda's and her husband were both working in a dead end very unsafe job. Often times their lives were in Danger because of the individuals they were dealing with. They had been held at knife point, physically attacked and the property they were managing was steadily declining.


They even had a video go Viral regarding an issue they were not receiving help for. Of course like most of us were living paycheck to paycheck being paid 50 percent lower than minimum wage. Often times not knowing how they would get by the following week. On a whim they used their last $2500.00 they had and put down first and last months rent for their new and first ever store. They also bought some ingredients and filled the store to the best of their ability.


On their grand opening day they made enough money to cover their rent for the following five months. Not only that, their business grew quickly through word of mouth . Soon enough they had a booming business. In further research and current trends they found that having multiple stores all over Canada would be hard. Not only hard but their opinion a lot of overhead. Now a days we are seeing large brand name companies close up because they just cant keep up with the overhead.


Amanda then decided to welcome the ability for consultants to join their company. In just one year of having this business Amanda was able to buy her first home. They were also able to rent out another production facility to facilitate the growth that Truth had been experiencing. They made sure to keep the business a family oriented business.


Truth Niagara also prides themselves in hiring individuals who may not be given a equal opportunity because of bad choices in their past. We currently have two full time former addicts working with us who now are flourishing, have their own apartments and are healthy and sober. In fact Amanda has welcomed them to live in her own home. Amanda is a strong advocate for mental health resources and addiction help. These issues are very close to her heart and always have been. Even more so after recently losing her brother.


Truth Niagara's mission is to help others relax in life. Whether that be 15 minutes a day or 30. Life is busy and stressful and we all need time to treat ourselves and take time out for us. Our mission is deliver the highest quality of ingredients at affordable prices so that all walks of life can enjoy them and not be limited to only being able to afford chemical cancer induced products.


Our mission is to empower, enlighten, and help others along the way. Truth Niagara is 100% owned and operated by Amanda Johnson. All products are handmade with no machines just a whole lot of love.

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To my family, friends & customers:

I want to say thank you to those who believed I could make my own dreams come true. Thank you to those who left me in life , who have hurt me- You made me a better woman. It was the bad situations in my life that fueled my fire to work hard and keep pushing. Truth Niagara has been a dream for me. I have always wanted to create a brand that tells the Truth about everything. No holding back , no hiding anything just the plain old Truth. Finding the truth is hard to find these days. My mission is to empower all walks of life. If Truth Niagara can bring you peace & solace just fifteen minutes of your day- I have accomplished my mission. Most hide the fact that they are stressed with life. Truth products are designed to give you peace and tranquility. I wish you all love, success, and happiness as we grow together. Please send me your thoughts, comments or concerns anytime! I would love to hear from you as it is my customers who define my business and keep me in check too!

Love & kind regards,
Amanda Johnson
Owner / Operator
Truth Niagara