What is Truth Niagara?
Truth Niagara is a cosmetic handmade company based out of Welland, Ontario. We specialize in products such as Soap bars, Face products, Body products, Bath products and much more. We use vegan friendly ingredients, no dyes, no parabens, no fillers, no phthalates or preservatives. Our main goal is to provide products with simple packaging and the finest/ purest ingredients we can find. We use ingredients that you can pronounce and we make sure our products are affordable for everyone. We also strive to be equal opportunity employers. We accept all walks of life and do our best to help individuals in life who may not be given a second chance see a bright and sober future. We realize that life knocks us down from time to time but those set backs should not define an individuals future outlook. Some of our employees have anxiety disorders, some of our employees are former drug addicts who are now clean and sober. We strive to help everyone and provide a healthy work space so that everyone we employ can grow. 

About the founder and CEO Amanda Johnson

Diagnosed in her younger years with PTSD, severe anxiety and panic disorders, Amanda started making soap as a way of coping with her anxiety, and soon she was selling it out of her home. She began to add other products to her line, and Truth Niagara was born.

Now, several years later, Truth Niagara is synonymous with ethical business practices, as well as maintaining complete transparency about the ingredients in their products. They pride themselves on hiring individuals who may not be given an equal opportunity in the workforce because of poor past choices.

Amanda is also a strong advocate for mental health resources and addiction support. Truth Niagara’s mission is to help others just RELAX. They remind us that life is busy, but we all need to take time out for ourselves. Their mission is to deliver high-quality ingredients at affordable prices so that everyone, regardless of circumstance or income can enjoy a bit of luxury.


Although Amanda’s entrepreneurial spirit is truly impressive, what inspires us most is her dedication to supporting the marginalised and displaced members of the Niagara community.

She started as a founding member of  Beyond the Streets Niagara which is a community organization with the simple message: “Nobody gets left behind or forgotten.”


Truth Niagara partnered with Small Scale Farms ’ “12 Days of Christmas” initiative to collect donated items to give to those in need. On Wed, Dec 23rd, they served 500 meals — to 200 individuals outside of their location on E. Main St. and 300 meals were delivered in St Catharines and Niagara Falls. Everyone who came also received clothing, toys, presents and hygiene kits.

Amandas current focus in 2021 is to tackle the issue of affordable housing. She has projects underway and is excited to start this initiative soon.