What is Truth Niagara?
Truth Niagara is a cosmetic handmade company based out of Welland, Ontario. We specialize in products such as Soap bars, Face products, Body products, Bath products and much more. We use vegan friendly ingredients, no dyes, no parabens, no fillers, no phthalates or preservatives. Our main goal is to provide products with simple packaging and the finest/ purest ingredients we can find. We use ingredients that you can pronounce and we make sure our products are affordable for everyone. We also strive to be equal opportunity employers. We accept all walks of life and do our best to help individuals in life who may not be given a second chance see a bright and sober future. We realize that life knocks us down from time to time but those set backs should not define an individuals future outlook. Some of our employees have anxiety disorders, some of our employees are former drug addicts who are now clean and sober. We strive to help everyone and provide a healthy work space so that everyone we employ can grow . 

Who owns Truth Niagara?
Truth Niagara is owned by 10732427 Canada Inc a Canadian corporation owned and operated by the CEO Amanda Johnson. Truth Niagara is not publicly traded and has no current investors. For investment inquiries please direct all communications to generalinquiries@truthniagara.com 

What does your Logo symbolize? (From Amanda herself)
The semi colon in the middle of the U in truth: A semicolon is used as a message of affirmation and solidarity against suicide, depression, addiction, and other mental health issues. These are all issues that have been near to my heart since I was very young. I have been affected by each of the above issues. So many suffer in silence daily even hourly and we as a community need to break the stigmas associated.

The purple/grey/mauve color for the sole purpose that everyone knows me for this color of lipstick. Purple has always been calming for me.

Last but not least the Triangle. I just recently watched a movie over the holidays where a man always reminded the woman to always look up and admire the stars, the sunsets, and nature. The triangle leads to a peak where you always look up. Similar to a mountain. Sometimes we are so consumed in technology, we forget to look up or to stop and smell the Rose's so to speak.This logo is Truth and everything that makes Truth whole

The arrow is also a symbol I have tattooed on me: All it takes is one well-aimed arrow, after all. The lone arrow might represent self-defence or protection from harm, independence, power, purpose, direction, or aim. I added this into Truths logo to remind me to deal with red flags in life and in business immediately. That an arrow needs to be pulled back first before aimed in the right direction, before it is able to launch into its correct path (2019 was a year I pulled back to reflect, learn and heal) 2020 will be where Truth is ready for much bigger things.

~ Handmade with nature in mind ~ Family Oriented ~ Made with Nature in Mind ~ Ingredients you can pronounce ~ Cruelty Free ~

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