Truth Niagara's Compensation Plan for Active Independent Consultants
How does Commission work?
Each consultant gets access to special pricing on all of our products. Pricing ranges from 30-50% off our retail pricing. We offer suggested retail pricing so that you receive the most amount of money possible as a Consultant. Recruiting is not necessary however there are perks to doing so. 

Level 1- 3% of sales before taxes and shipping
Level 2- 2% of sales before taxes and shipping
Level 3- 1% of sales before taxes and shipping

What is the Monthly Sales Requirement?
We Require a minimum of $200.00 in sales be made per month in order to stay active with our company. 

Down line percentages are calculated on first, second, and third generation . Afterwards 1% of the remaining group sales will be paid out. You must achieve your personal sales requirement in order to receive group commission amounts. Truth Niagara will never demote you in Status should you fail to reach your monthly requirement.