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Published March 6th, 2017 Policies and Procedures for Truth Niagara Independent Consultants (Canada) Page 1 of 6 Effective Date: March 6th, 2017
Our Mission Statement- To empower individuals to be the best they can be. To deliver handmade quality products to individuals across Canada. To teach others how to relax. To give each individual the Truth about our products.  To teach others about a natural lifestyle. To treat others the way we would want to be treated. 
Introduction-  What is included in the Independent Consultant Agreement? In its entirety the Independent Consultant Agreement includes:  1) The Consultant Application and Agreement 2) The Policies and Procedures 3) The Compensation Plan  (Please note this agreement also includes any further changes that may ensue in the future.)
It is your responsibility to read, understand, and adhere to the Agreement or any other updated agreement versions that arise. 
Why do we need these policies? The Policies and Procedures are here to explain and define the relationship that exists between you (as an Independent Truth Niagara Consultant), other Truth Niagara Consultants, and Truth Niagara as a whole to explain and define a standard for acceptable business conduct. By signing the Agreement, you are required to comply with all of its Terms and Conditions with these Policies and Procedures, and with all provincial, federal, and local laws governing your Truth Niagara business and conduct. 
Should you have any further questions we recommend that you contact us before signing the agreement. 
If we change things up- Truth Niagara reserves the right to update or change the Agreement and or its Compensation Plan, including these Policies and Procedures. When you sign this agreement you are accepting the above stated. This also applies should you accept commission- this is yourself as a consultant accepting the changes made to our policies.

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What we cannot control- Truth Niagara is not responsible for delays due to circumstances beyond our reasonable control such as labor strikes, difficulties, riot war, fire, natural disasters, death, curtailment of a party's source of supply, or government decrees or order. 
Compliance- Should Truth Niagara come to find out that you are not adhering to the policies  or procedures outline in this agreement- You will receive one warning following by a three day period to fix the issue at hand. Should the issue not be resolved- Truth Niagara will then terminate you as an Independent Consultant. 
Joining our Truth Niagara Family and becoming an Independent Consultant Requirements: 1) Be 19 years or older 2) Reside in Canada 3) Have a valid Social Security Number 4) Purchase a Truth Niagara Consultant Kit 5) Read and agree to Truth Niagara's Company's Statement of Policies and Procedures 6) Submit a properly completed Consultant Application and Agreement to Truth Niagara 7) Have a valid chequing account with the ability to accept email money transfers. 
You must complete Truth Niagara's Consultant Agreement and agree to all the terms. Please make sure you have carefully read over all the documents provided before signing. 
You must be a legal resident of Canada, if you are not a permanent resident you must be legally authorized to work in Canada in order to enroll as a Truth Niagara independent Consultant. We regretfully will have to close your account and terminate you as an independent consultant should we find that you have falsified any ID during the application process or as a consultant. All commissions that are not as yet paid out will be lost without warning.  Please note we do not accept businesses as Independent Consultants for Truth Niagara. We do however provide wholesale pricing to Brick and Mortar stores as long as the store location can prove the have a brick and mortar location. Regarding most information for wholesale pricing please contact 
Identification- During the enrollment process, we require your Social Security Number. Your name must match what your social security number appears as. Truth Niagara is required by law to report individuals we pay commission to when we submit taxes. Should you fail to comply with this requirement, you could quite possibly be suspended as well as your account being disabled. 


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What happens after your accepted? A team member will then send you an activation link to our consultant website. Once you have received this link you then have the right to start selling Truth Niagara products, start receiving commission, you can start recruiting members for your down line as well. You will receive monthly newsletters, be added to a secret Official team page with challenges, giveaways and so much more. You will have access to unlimited support from your up line as well as corporate. You will be able to participate in sponsored promotional and incentive contests, giveaways and programs. 
Do I have to renew each year? The consultant agreement is valid until you terminate the agreement or you receive notice from corporate that they are terminating your agreement. 
Its tax time now what? Please remember that you are not an employee of Truth Niagara. You are an independent contractor. You are solely responsible for paying all local and provincial taxes from any commission or compensation earned. Truth Niagara will not treat you as an employee or withhold taxes of any kind from your pay outs. You are in control as an independent contractor by which way you choose to operate your business. 
What happens if I don’t Sell? As a Truth Niagara Independent Consultant- your responsible for building your own success. We will try our best to give you all the tools that we have to help you succeed. In the end it is you that needs to put those goals in action. Your entirely able to set your own hours, methods of selling etc Provided they are in compliance with the Agreement you are signing with Truth Niagara and do not go against the law.  A minimum of $200.00 in sales before shipping and taxes is required every month to stay active with Truth Niagara. Should you fail to meet this requirement a termination will then follow. 
Creating Business Accounts- You are absolutely not permitted to under any measure to create a bank account of any sort in the name of Truth Niagara. This includes creating accounts on behalf of other independent consultants. You are not permitted to incur or create any debt or obligation on behalf o the name Truth Niagara. This will result in immediate termination of your independent consultant account with Truth Niagara as well as legal action to be taken against you. 
Soliciting- Unless you have approval-you may not solicit, hire or offer employment or extra compensation of any kind to independent consultants of Truth Niagara. 
There are no exclusive territories granted to anyone for selling, recruiting or marketing. No franchise fees are required for any Independent Consultant of Truth Niagara. 
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Changing our products- you may not alter, remove or change any type of Truth Niagara product labeling.  You may however add a personalized sticker or business card to the order to let customers know where to repurchase items. You must always sell Truth Niagara products in their original packages. Absolutely no repackaging is permitted. Tampering with labels may result in criminal charges as well as immediate termination of your Truth Niagara Independent Consultant Agreement. 
Product Claims- Any claims that are not listed in our product description or on the Independent Consultants Team Page are prohibited. Opinions are always welcomed and allowed as well as posting testimonials from customers. 
Where can you sell?- Currently Truth Niagara products can be sold in Canada. Please only sell products that are authorized and open by Truth Niagara
Media and Press Advertisements- All online or media advertisements within another company or website such as going online for an interview to speak about Truth Niagara, newspaper articles, radio stations, TV,  including but not limited to must be approved by Truth Niagara. You must contact first and receive written approval before moving forward. 
Consent- By entering into this agreement with Truth Niagara you are authorizing the following - allowing Truth Niagara to use testimonials, advertising or promotional products/materials with no remuneration paid.  -authorizing the use of any photographs or videos with the possibility for Truth Niagara to reproduce any and all photos or videos supplied or taken to Truth Niagara.  -consent to the usage or reproduction of any quotes, stories, conversations on social media without remuneration.  -you agree not to post any negative comments that could defame or harm Truth Niagara as a business online including but not limited to personal profiles, blogs and private emails for the duration of your independent contract with Truth Niagara as well as following two years after termination of your contract with Truth Niagara. -you agree that you are not permitted to sell or make any similar Truth Niagara products following two years after the termination of your contract with Truth Niagara. This also includes the duration of your contact with Truth Niagara.
Advertising as a Truth Consultant- Sales tools, personal promotions or artwork must be approved by Truth Niagara before posting online, or on your own personal website. You must receive an email with approval for this artwork or an okay from an admin on our team page.  


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Spamming- We do not allow spamming of any sort to people you do not know. This includes fax, email, text, telephone conversations or leaving voicemails. It is your sole responsibility to never lie about products or product claims . If you are seen misleading customers or being deceptive- you will receive one warning to stop. If this does not stop your account will then be terminated with Truth Niagara.
Trademarks- Should you choose to create a social media page for your business or website please note that you are not allowed to register Truth Niagara or any trademarks, product names or any type of derivative to Truth Niagara. This includes email addresses, online names or anything that could confuse a customer into thinking that you are affiliated with head office or corporate as an employee. 
Creating Ads or Recruiting Team Members Online- is allowed however we ask that you identify yourself as an independent consultant for Truth Niagara. If corporate feels you are abusing this privilege (Example: posting ten different ads a day and bombarding buy and sell groups, bulletin boards et you could be subject to a warning letter of your activity.) Please use your discretion. We never want to bombard our customers or be pushy with sales. You are not to sell Truth Niagara products to any business.  You are not to sell products on online auctions including but not limited to eBay, amazon online Facebook auction groups. You may not sell Truth Niagara products any online retail store or e commerce website. You are however free to place banner advertisements to advertise your business. Each banner advertisement must send a link to your business page or group page. You may not make any claims that website or blog is associated or crated by Truth Niagara. 
Social Media and Blogs- We encourage the use of networking sites to advertise and create awareness of our products and your business. These sites may not be used to sell or offer specific products directly on the platform. You can speak or post about the products however posting prices of the product is prohibited. This must be done in a private conversation format. 
Down line Commissions- Down line commission payments for the previous month are paid within three business days. 
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Compensation Chart- Each status has specific monthly requirements. Once you have leveled up in status you will never be demoted.  Your personal sales commission amount will always stay the same unless you level up to another status. 
For down line commission payments- you must meet the monthly requirements of your status. If you do not meet these requirements you will not receive your down line commission for that month. Truth Niagara does not pay a level down if you fail to meet your requirements. By placing an order or receiving commission payments you agree to the above stated and mentioned terms. You also agree by signing this agreement to the above stated and mentioned terms. 
Payments from customers- You are permitted to take any form of payment from a customer for party orders. If a customer is ordering directly from you without a party- the order must be submitted through your representative ordering portal  Identifying yourself- When using any type of online resources or social media you must clearly identify to your audience that you are an Independent Truth Niagara Consultant. 
Consultant Behavior- Truth Niagara does not accept bullying, swearing, violent or abusive speech, hate speech, threats, including but not limited to towards customers, consultants or corporate by any means  This will result in an immediate termination. No exceptions. This includes rude or offensive videos to another consultant or to a customer from a Truth Niagara Independent Consultant business page or group. You are not to speak badly in any way, shape or form about any other consultants. 
By reading/signing this agreement with Truth Niagara you are hereby agreeing to release, hold harmless Truth Niagara, discharge, hold harmless anyone directly affiliated with Truth Niagara (employees, board members, office members) from any loss or damages. This includes but is not limited to costs or fees incurred or suffered by you as a result of any type of breach of the Truth Niagara Independent Consultant agreement which includes our policies and procedures as well as compensation chart. This also includes any improper operation of your Truth Niagara Independent Consultant business or elated activities. Selling your independent consultant business is strictly prohibited. 
I understand that by electronically signing this agreement or reading a revision uploaded to the Truth Niagara Official Team page that I am in full agreement and accordance of the entire six pages of the Truth Niagara Policies and Procedures Agreement, Current Compensation Chart, and Independent Consultant Agreement. I understand that my account will be terminated immediately should I not carry out these procedures and policies without notice or remuneration of any monies owing. I also agree that by electronically signing this contractual agreement that I am now legally binded into a contract with Truth Niagara.