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Welcome to our Truth Niagara Family!

We have set up a guide to help you start your Independent Consultant business with us! We can't wait to help you get started!

Truth Niagara opened a Retail location on November 28th, 2016 in Niagara Falls, Ontario. The brand quickly became widely known worldwide for signature handmade bath luxury items. Especially bath bombs and charcoal teeth whitener. A true family business that invites you to come and visit as a customer and always leave as a friend. Truth Niagara never pushes anyone to buy products they do not want. Truth Niagara creates a safe and comfortable shopping experience where individuals from all walks of life are welcomed with arms wide open.

Truth Niagara currently has a warehouse location in Welland, Ontario. Where a team of wonderful people work to make all our products by hand and with a lot of love and care.


On March 6th, 2017 Truth Niagara launched the ability for Independent consultants to join a team of empowered women to motivate, inspire and spread the word about their products. While the family only expected 5-10 consultants, this quickly grew!

Currently making approximately 3000 products per day and selling over 10,000 bath bombs per week Truth Niagara is rapidly expanding. As a company, Truth Niagara is whole hardheartedly appreciative of its customers. Truth Niagara has experienced nonstop support from local communities and Canada wide attention that has allowed this close knit family to literally make their dreams come true. From Amanda the Owner and her husband, to her 85 year old father who still opens the door for each customer that walks in the store - this story is truly remarkable.

An account invitation link was sent to you within 72 hours of joining our company. If for some reason you did not receive this link within 72 hours please direct message our Truth Niagara Customer Service page, and we will ensure you are taken care of promptly.Once you have purchased your start up kit. You will receive this welcome email, a link to salesreps.io where you will need to sign up and create a password. salesreps.io will assign you an affiliate website link and code. This code and website is what you will advertise on your group or business page. This is where customers can purchase from our site directly.


We encourage you to join our team Facebook group, consultant training headquarters, and our  consultant group immediately upon joining. These groups will connect you with your up line (the person who is sponsoring you) as well as keep you up to date with our company. Here is where you will receive; updates, contests, monthly consultant shout outs and special information and news about products and services or even special and flash sales. You will also be able to connect with other representatives local to you and Canada wide. We also encourage you to read the pinned post at the top of the group Facebook page. Please comment "read" when you have finished reading the post in the comments.

Here is a simple checklist you can follow as you take your first steps in your new direct sales business. Say for a second that you’ve picked your product and company and have decided to join up. What happens then? What are you in for?

While waiting for your kit:
• Get a date book or calendar big enough to write in. This is where you will schedule your meetings, appointments, and parties.
• Mark all the dates that you want to work for the next two months and add any personal conflicts to your calendar. If your goal is to work Tuesdays and Thursdays, then put a star on each of those dates. This will help you offer dates to clients who want to set parties or appointments with you.
• Schedule your launch party. Your launch party is a party you host yourself that will launch your business to your family and friends. For best results, you’ll schedule two launch parties within three days of each other.
• Contact five close friends or relatives and ask them if they would be interested in hosting a party for you!
• Post your plans on Facebook and tell your friends and family how excited you are about your new business.
• Invite as many people as you can to your launch party (ies).
• Schedule four to five additional home parties or appointments in a 30-day time frame. In this case, you will ask people who could not attend your launch parties to host parties of their own.
• Invite a friend to start a business with you. Statistics show that when you start the business with a friend, your chances of success are much higher.
• Set up your personal account that Truth Niagara provides. Here Take a look at each product. Familiarize yourself with the ingredients, what each product does and what they look like. Also memorize the prices. Familiarize yourself with the ordering process, shipping times, processing times, how you get paid, how your hostess gets paid and as much information as you possibly can about this business. Most importantly do not be afraid to ask questions to your up line or even the company itself.
• With Truth Niagara you have free reign when it comes to creating business cards, banners, artwork, business pages and more. Set up a business page or business group and start promoting products. Join your up line’s team page for ideas that you can use or ideas to create your own.
• Set up a space that you will use as your personal office.
• Attend one or more of your sponsors or leader’s parties or interviews in your area. Learning from others who are already experienced in this business is a great way to become more comfortable with the presentation, selling, and recruiting aspects.
• Create an outline for your presentation.
• Share our new catalogue online link here

Once your kit arrives:
• Set up your kit display and take a photo. Post it on Facebook to show your friends and family.
• Familiarize yourself with the products.
• Place your first order.
• Order additional business supplies. Vista print is a great tool for this and often times have 40-60% off sales.
• Set up your kit and practice your presentation and invite someone to come over to help you get some practice. Your presentation will include your product demonstration as well as the other elements of a successful party, like the opening talk, booking talk, and closing.
• Open a separate chequing/savings account for your business.
• Invite more friends to try the business with you. Recruiting or sponsoring new team members is usually a component of your company’s “Fast Start” program. You should be able to attract new recruits from your launch party and other parties.
• Familiarize yourself with your company’s Compensation Plan as well as policies and procedures. Be sure to read both carefully so that you do not do anything that will cause you to be out of compliance. Our policies and procedures, compensation plan, and hostess reward chart can be found in our consultant handbook flipbook. Click here to view it.
• Familiarize yourself with your company’s compensation plan. Your leader will be able to walk you through this.
• Learn how to coach your first host.


It may seem confusing, or even overwhelming… don’t worry. Most people join a company and then ask themselves, what do I do first? What does this jargon being thrown around even mean? And what do I really need to know, right now, to get moving so I can earn some money?
That is where the list of steps comes in. Keep coming back to it if you begin to feel lost. You will have a shorter learning curve and feel more confident if you pay attention to the list and seek additional guidance and training from your company — and especially from your sponsor and your up-line.



Our official information site can be located at:  www.truthniagara.com

This is where you can find information for recruits, how we got started, about our company, our retail store location and hours.



If you have a party to enter with one address, you do not need to enter a party form.


The party form can be found here: http://www.jotform.ca/form/71826640137254


If you have a party order with multiple addresses, a party form must be completed in order for you to receive party rewards.



To add party rewards, you must add the hostess rewards to the hostess order. (The order that is going to the hostess) Be sure to put your selections in the order notes in placing an order. If you forget to add party rewards, you will not receive them.



Remember that you will receive your commission right away by using the following codes in the discount section. Using a code is mandatory. Failing to use a code or forgetting means you get paid in a Gift card. If your customer is placing an order, they are not to use any discount codes. The discount code used is the status you currently are at with truth. This will automatically deduct your status level commission If you forget to add your commission code, a gift card will be sent in the amount of the commission owed. The discount codes are below:










Customers are welcome to place orders on our website. They must use your website which is located in your salesreps.io account. It will be called an affiliate link. When they place an order they must place the order through your affiliate link as well as enter your sales rep code. Within 20 minutes, the customer order will show up in your salesreps.io account. You will be able to see the customers information, and also be able to track the packages or see whether they are in transit, or delivered here.


Customers may also pick up orders from our warehouse or select delivery if local.



We accept paypal payments or email money transfer.. If using email money transfer you must pay for your order immediately after entering the order. If we do not receive payment within the hour, your order will be cancelled.


Should you ever need to send an email transfer to us. It should be sent to truthniagara@hotmail.com. We are set up for auto deposit. If you aren't please use the password: truthniagara



Customer order commissions will be paid on Tuesdays and Thursdays of each week by email transfer directly to the consultant. The password to accept your email transfer will be: truthniagara



When you have more than two downlines a sales sheet will be created for you. This is for you to keep track of your team sales. Sales sheets will be updated on the 15th and last day of every month. If you qualify for downline payments, it will be noted on your sales sheet. You will receive a share link through one drive that you can keep track of. Inside that folder will be your monthly sales sheets.


Downline payments are paid by email transfer. The password for downline commissions is truthniagara.



Downline payments for the previous month are paid by the 22nd of the following month. Example Mays downline commission would be paid June 22nd.



For website orders you will receive notification when your order has been received, when its shipped and from there you can track delivery. Processing times are up to 10 business days or more (we try to stay in between 3-10 however due to circumstances from our suppliers or shortages, processing times could be longer. Please make sure your customers know the processing times. Processing time do not include Canada Post Transit times. Remember to reiterate that we are a handmade company. Everything is made fresh and by hand.



We will deliver orders to Niagara Falls, St. Catharines, Welland and Thorold. Orders under 150$ are subject to a 5.00 delivery fee. Anything over is free.



Please make sure you wait for an email advising you that your order is ready for pick up. If you have chosen delivery we will email you when your scheduled delivery will be. Do not show up at the warehouse unless you are coming to visit of course without an email advising of pick up being ready. Pick up hours are Monday to Thursday 10am-8pm



The team page is designed for updates from our company. It is not a place to ask questions about personal orders.


Each of your up lines will have a team page. Your team page is where you can ask questions to your upline. We ask that you ask your upline FIRST before posting on destination truth or sending us a message.


If you ever have any personal concerns or issues regarding the way you were treated, or an issue that you think isn't needs to be brought to her attention, please email truthniagara@hotmail.com with the subject field attention: Amanda



Our customer service page can be found here: fb.me/truthniagaracustomerservice


This page is for order concerns, broken items, replacements, or concerns. Please search the groups for answers first, if you cannot find an answer, please then ask your upline. If your upline does not have the answer, please then message our customer service page.



Customer satisfaction is very important to us! We will gladly replace any item that may have had a bumpy ride during shipping. Your hurt bath beauties may only be exchanged for the same product you purchased. Please contact our Customer Service page with an included photo of your hurt bath beauty. We will not process anything without a photo. We will then either send a replacement or a product credit in its place. If an item is backordered we will provide a product credit in its place or add the item to an upcoming order.


Unfortunately, due to the low cost nature of our products, we are unable to offer refunds, returns/exchanges for any other reasons. Please note that items shipped using a mail forwarding service are not eligible for replacements of any kind. We are not responsible for packages that are lost in transition or for packages that say delivered.


There are copies of our latest compensation chart as well as start up kit and hostess reward chart in our website @ truthniagara.com

Amanda will not respond to Facebook private messages. However, Amanda loves to get to know everyone that joins, so please feel free to add her as a friend. You are not a number with Truth Niagara. You are family!

PLEASE REITERATE TO YOUR CUSTOMERS BEFORE YOU BEGIN EVERY ORDER AND EVERY SINGLE PARTY: Truth is not a manufacturer. They are not a company in China. Every single item they receive is hand crafted and made to order. Truth does not use machines. Real people make their products by hand. These products do not come from china they come from a retail store location in Niagara Falls Ontario, Canada. Hand crafted items take time. If they want a product that arrives within a day Truth Niagara is not for them. Please make sure to mention that items are handmade. There is a huge difference with machines pumping out millions of products per day as opposed to real people, hand crafting each of their items.

DISCONTINUED ITEMS- discontinued items that are to be put on sale will be in small quantities and not advertised to customers. Be careful when these sales happen numerous posts usually get posted stating item _______ is on sale (It actually is only on sale to reps in small quantities to assist in removing excess stock as Amanda has stated before they will be posting stock that is left over they are not making new products and putting them on sale (Left over stock) hence why it is discontinued. There will be a discontinued portion on the website with items from time to time. Amanda can never guarantee that these items will be available or when they will sell out. As she has recommended before. Buy these for your/our own PERSONAL orders and then resell them for $5.00 or give them away as part of giveaways in your online parties.


In conclusion a little message from Amanda:


“I am beyond blessed to be surrounded by such amazing consultants and team members, you each come from different walks of life. I have so much admiration for each and every one of you that have joined from personalities to ideas, dreams, and desires!

I thank you for allowing me to be your leader and someone you all can count on and look up to.”

Amanda and her Truth Team!
If you have any questions, reply to this email or contact us at teamtruthurgentmatters@outlook.com or try our Customer Service Facebook Page